Who doesn’t love a good jump scare? The feeling of chills in your spine, of anxious anticipation, of wanting to shout but not really - there’s a lot to experience while watching a horror film. And at the planning level, there needs to be a lot of thought put into the locations, lighting, set decor, makeup, clothing and more. It could be argued that setting up the right visual tone and aesthetic is very important to horror movies, more so to this genre than most. Which is why we've curated this list from our catalog of film location rentals in New York. So without further ado to any aspirants of this movie genre, here are the Giggster picks for the 11 spookiest places to rent for film and photo in NYC.

1) Vacant Mansion with Dilapidating Walls in Kings County

Vacant Mansion with Dilapidating Walls in Kings County New York Rental

A vacant mansion with barebones furniture, paint chipping off the walls, and suntanned floors, this home looks creepy and spooky even during the daytime. A unique location that is steeped with ghost stories, a vintage look, and a raw on-camera presence, this dilapidating home is arguably one of the best spaces for a horror movie in the entire city of New York. There is also tons of natural sunlight at the space which highlights the rundown nature of the home, adding to the on-camera look and vibe of this listing.

2) Stone Hunting Lodge in Mohegan Lake

Stone Hunting Lodge in Mohegan Lake New York Rental

A quaint stone home and hunting lodge, this unique Gothic property can take on an eerie vibe with a change in the lighting. The natural elements, dark colors, and creepy tones really add to the on-screen sombre and effect. There is a Great Room with Cathedral ceilings, plus 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a renovated country kitchen, and two big outdoor patios. In addition to the rooms there’s plenty of cool features like exposed beams, the barn door, wagon wheel chandeliers, diamond-shaped windows and more. A space that lends itself perfectly for the camera, you’re guaranteed to find some beautiful angles here.

3) Neglected Gothic House in Yonkers

Neglected Gothic House in Yonkers New York Rental

A neglected Americana home in NYC, this listing is a usual home with a bunch of unique features. And features that look great for a horror movie. These include a brick fireplace, a wooden deck, fireplace with mantle, dirt walkway, and the dark interiors. The dilapidated look contributes to a feeling of spook which is often reflective of a ghost/spirit. There isn’t anything over the top on site and with decent control over the lighting and some control over the space, you’re certain to have a good time shooting here.

4) Rustic Isolated Farmhouse with 2 Barns in Sloatsburg

Rustic Isolated Farmhouse with 2 Barns in Sloatsburg New York Rental

Spread over a sprawling 17 acres of land, this unique farmhouse has all the making of a horror movie location. A dilapidated interior gives the farmhouse a very rustic look that translates really well on camera. There’s also a waterbody on site and a lot of dirt grounds which really make for a good country backdrop. With plenty of open spaces onsite to setup your rigs, get ready for some stunning imagery in your projects.

5) Private Getaway Home in Warwick

 Private Getaway Home in Warwick Lake New York Rental

Everything about this 3-bedroom log style home on a 34-acre estate is idyllic, charming and romantic. But just change the lighting, use a couple of lens filters, and you've got yourself an eerie, dangerous log house perfect for filming a spooky movie. The location also has a rickety wooden bridge, an on-site lake with a boat, and log cabin interiors, making it the ideal location for a dramatic scary movie where most of the action happens on site.

6) Raw, Grungy Industrial Basement Studio near Red Hook

Raw, Grungy Industrial Basement Studio near Red Hook New York Rental

If your spooky film script calls for a basement, then this raw, grungy basement studio is one to consider seriously. An industrial space with 6,000 sq. ft. of working area, exposed beams, and the occasional support pillars, there's tons of space to bring your creative vision to life. The best part, the location has in-house camera, grip, and lighting equipment available for rent which can go a long way in reducing any logistic related challenges on the day of the shoot.

7) 1886 Victorian Mansion & Cottage with Woods near Angelica

1886 Victorian Mansion & Cottage with Woods near Angelica New York Rental

A budget-friendly 1886 Victorian mansion and cottage set on 5 acres, this home is quite the spooky space. The main house features 9 fireplaces, original wood paneling, stained glass windows, a large basement with a non-operation iron furnace, and a whole bunch of props you can utilize for your horror film shoot. The rest of the home is decorated in a retro style with artwork and furnishing that seems eerie under the right kind of lighting setup. There's also a huge yard with trees that add to the spooky charm of the space.

8) Vintage Wallpaper Home with Basic Furniture in Queens

Vintage Wallpaper Home with Basic Furniture in Queens New York Rental

Discolored wallpaper, drab furniture, minimal decor, this spooky venue listing has all the right things going on. There are plenty of different looks to choose from at this location that features colorful wallpaper, vintage furniture, and skylights; and each of them can be tuned to the camera to represent an eerie, forgotten space. Perfect for a family setting with a hint of the retro look, you're sure to capture some great looking shots here.

9) 350 year old Colonial Home in Brooklyn

350 year old Colonial Home in Brooklyn New York Rental

A multi-story colonial home, this one-of-a-kind colonial home has been left untouched oozes camera presence and character. Across the multiple rooms, you'll find wallpapered walls, rusting iron fixtures, suntanned floors, chipping paint, yellowing carpets and a whole lot more that really sells the abandoned, spooky vibe of this listing. Vintage furniture, odd and angular walls, and a general lack of upkeep help drive the horror motifs at this home that really contribute to the on-screen grunge and spook factor.

10) Manufacturing Warehouse in Newburg

Manufacturing Warehouse in Newburg New York Rental

A single story manufacturing building with an urban industrial character, there's a raw, eerie, and spooky vibe that permeates through this warehouse rental. The warehouse has a roll-up gate with a 4-door loading dock in the rear. The space is open and column free, allowing you to make the most of the listing. Even the rooftop is accessible giving you more play area for your horror film.

11) Shabby Chic Industrial Warehouse in Brooklyn

Shabby Chic Industrial Warehouse in Brooklyn New York Rental

An unusual and unique 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse with paint chipping off the walls, a framework of exposed beams and pipes in the ceiling, and a creepy entrance gate, this property has an array of different looks to choose from. The multi-level space also means you can capture a range of dynamic shots with the camera being placed at different angles and heights. Huge skylights sweep the home with natural light, while the chipping brick walls make for a great backdrop for any spooky, horror setting.

Horror flicks are all about the scares and thrills. For this purpose, the perfect location is essential to have the impact you’re looking for. And if you’re interested in renting any of them, or taking a look at more pictures, or getting an entire list of features, please follow the links provided. But in case you'd like to see different locations to find the one that best fits your needs, please go through our collection of film locations you can rent in New York City. Happy clicking!

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