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Landmarked Mansion/Museum

Our Mansion/Museum has lived up to Covid-ready standards long before there was Covid. We maintain our public spaces to the highest possible standards of purity. Our guests always enjoy the constant flow of natural fresh air sweeping through our Mansion/Museum during every Film Shoot, Photo Shoot, and Event. The Mansion/Museum offers 3 outdoor spaces on our property. In short, we have always lived up to CDC standards even before it was a necessity. Our 5-story landmarked Mansion/Museum is located in the very heart of Greenwich Village, just off of 5th Avenue, near Washington Square Park. The mansion was built in the mid-1800's by the Brevoort Family, who had settled here from Holland in the 17th century. Step inside and find yourself in 1800's New York City. Your booking includes access to 5 lavish rooms: First floor: —A Stunning 1800's Parlor, 25'x 14'. Please enjoy our cabinets, whose displays embrace what the centuries have bequeathed to all of us. —Our Glass Gallery, 20'x15', luminous with its Permanent Exhibition of American glass and ceramics. Second floor: —The Ballroom, 60' x 15', with its Baroque 20’ high ceiling. The Ballroom includes a grand piano and is lighted by a one-of-a-kind 'Phantom of the Opera' Chandelier covered with antique glass globes and a 12-foot skylight that bathes the Ballroom in natural light. Through our Ballroom's huge arched window, you'll have a panoramic view of the opulent, flourishing gardens and trees of this historic Greenwich Village neighborhood. The Ballroom was designed by the world-renowned architect Stanford White, whose work famously gave birth to New York's Beaux-Arts Movement. Stanford White gave New York City its Grand Central Terminal, its original Madison Square Garden, its Washington Square Arch, and…Our Ballroom. —The Formal-But-Fun Dining Room/Gallery Exhibition Space, 30'x 16', with its marble floor, lead glass doors, and its original fireplace, mantelpiece, and architectural features. On the walls of the Dining Room is a permanent exhibition of the beloved Al Hirschfeld's legendary art. —Our Kitchen, a spacious 17' x 15', is immediately but inconspicuously accessible to the Dining Room and the Ballroom. —The Terrace, 8' x 8'. —Our outdoor Deck, approx. 20’ x 20’. Accessed from the Fourth Floor, our spacious Outdoor Deck comes with its own indoor "Treehouse," a cozy indoor anteroom to the Deck. Most of the art, furniture, and antiques can be moved to accommodate your needs.

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Gallery, Museum

Americana/Anywhere America, Colonial, Craftsman, Dated/Retro, Gothic/Victorian


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