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Restaurant "Eastwood" to “Tarantino”esque Genre

*Film Crew bumping into each other in the restaurant you choose to film in? *Owner of the restaurant keeps bothering with do this, don't do that? We know this is out of the 30 mile zone, but the money and production time you'll save will help the budget. And as far as extras, lots of non-union ready to work from Riverside County area. About 1 hour 15 min from LA, this adorable diner in Southwest Riverside County is ready for your production. Advantage, city and county fees almost non-existent. Bottom-line, for about one hour in travel, your financial backers get a break. (that's about the time it takes to find parking in LA.) This adorable diner in Wildomar is ready for your production. With both ample booths, freestanding seating, and a funky California kitsch decor, this cafe is the perfect venue for music videos, TV pilots, indie movies, web-series, or even a Tarantino-esque crime film! The kitchen has direct access to a back alley for chases, action sequences, and confrontations. The restaurant name can be easily altered with overlaying signage to fit your film, and the parking lot can handle a major motion picture production crew, vehicles included. Indie filmmakers take note: Compared to a diner in Los Angeles that charges $2500 to $4000 dollars a night, we offer one of the best bangs for your buck in the state! Less than 75 miles from town the cafe is perfect for late evening or early morning productions.

Category and style


Americana/Anywhere America, Dated/Retro, Dilapidated/Neglected, Industrial, Old Hollywood


Private parking for 30 cars

Truck / motorhome on site parking: On property, Street

Available parking lot or parking structure nearby

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
3200 sq ft

Location Rules

No adult filming
Area is not zoned for loud decibel gunfire or explosions etc.


Air Conditioning
Hair/Makeup area


Suspended Ceiling
Carpet Floor
Tiles Floor
Booth Seating
Coffee Shop
Foreign Restaurant
Traditional Restaurant
City View
Hollywood Hills
Mountain/Vista View
Brick Walls
Colored Walls
Concrete Walls
Glass Wall
Texture Walls

Crew access

Street Level
Wheelchair / Handicap Access
Exact location provided after booking