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1040 & 1140 FLANDERS AVAILABLE FOR FILMING SOUTHAMPTON TOWNSHIP ABANDONED BOARDED UP PROPERTY 1040 Flanders is a 5-acre compound with 1000 feet of waterfront on the Peconic Bay. On the property there are multiple unusable buildings, including a 5 bedroom, three story Victorian with a wraparound porch that has open views of the Peconic Bay. There is a separate 3 bedroom cottage and 2 barns with apartments at the top. Everything needs to be rehabbed but is ideal for an abandoned or boarded up film or backdrop. The property is almost set up like a peninsula with water surrounding it. 1140 Flanders was once a health spa but now is unusable. This property is set right off the Peconic Bay and is adjacent to a boating company and on Flanders Road. While 1040 and 1140 Flanders are not adjacent to each other they are so close that they can be used jointly to complement each other. While 1140 is located right on Flanders road and is basically one boarded up building adjacent to Peconic Bay, 1040 Flanders is secluded. Just a walk or bike ride away 1040 Flanders has a long driveway that keeps it hidden. There are multiple boarded up buildings, that while they can’t be used one of the buildings does have access to electricity and water if needed. Both properties offer an exquisite view of the Peconic Bay. It is 1040 Flanders that offers the best access to that view and has ample parking. It is roomy enough for vans and other larger vehicles. The 1140 location building is 20,000 sq ft. but there is no access to the interior or any of the buildings at either 1040 or 1140. Flanders is a small hamlet located in the northwest portion of the Town of Southampton, on the south side of the Peconic River at the mouth of the Peconic Bay, near Riverhead, which is across the river to the north. If you are looking for a boarded or abandoned property as your backdrop, both properties are perfect for that. They are in Flanders, which is part of the Township of Southampton. • 1140 has one very large boarded up building (formerly a health spa) • 1040 Flanders has multiple boarded up buildings of all sizes and shapes including a barn. It includes a 4,739 sq ft apartment built in 1974. • 1040 has the best access to the Peconic Bay backdrop, but you can see the bay from both properties. • Both properties have ample parking: 1140 is adjacent to Flanders Road, 1040 has a long driveway entrance and is secluded, with ample parking space for large and small vehicles. • There is no access to go inside any of the buildings because they are not safe to enter. Let me know if you’d like to view this property and feel free to reach out to me if you have questions. Diana De Rosa/IPA Filming & Locations Manager

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