Photo School

Following some basic principles will help you produce better compositions. The first and most essential guideline is to keep it as simple as possible. A photograph with too many components may be visually

Color Theory as Applied to Landscape Photography

From Academia to "Gut Feel" Unlike painters, most photographs have little if any training in color theory. This is a pity, since unless one understands the physiological as well as psychological basis of

Shapes And Lines

Shapes and lines are important elements in photographic composition. When properly used, shapes and lines can create a desired effect. As a photographer, you usually have control over the way shapes and lines

Photo Technique

This article consists of a number of KAP and landscape images illustrating various photographic points. They are not there to be blindly followed, in fact breaking them can make a picture. However over

Depth-Of-Field And Focus

Depending on the chosen aperture (f-stop), the focal length and the focus distance you have a certain depth-of-field (DOF). The DOF defines a zone around the chosen focus point where objects appear to