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Our Bunker, Warehouse is your Bunker, Warehouse
From $100/hr
Our Bunker, Warehouse is your Bunker, Warehouse
Los Angeles, CA
· superhost
NEW COVID INFO: Dear MoonHut Fans, We are so happy to be able to offer our space again for your video and photo shoots. We missed you all during the months of the pandemic lockdown. While we were shut down we made some alterations to our space to help everyone stay safe while working here. We no longer allow anyone in our live space, which includes the bathroom. We keep a portapotty outside that is cleaned professionally, and we installed an outside sink for handwashing. We encourage you all to take your breaks outside in our back patio area, where we also have a sanitizing station. Unfortunately, with the pandemic has come extra security issues, and so we have had to board up our back windows on Hut 2, and add more bars. This should not affect your shoots, but the windows no longer open. If you need the privacy of a separate costume changing area, please let us know, and we can accomodate you. Please let us know how we can make your shoot better. I've made a video tour to cut down on one point of contact - though you are still welcome to scout the location.Copy and paste Everyone involved with your shoot will have to sign a covid-19 liability waver when they arrive. Moon Huts are a photo and video location near Downtown Los Angeles, at the end of the 710 Freeway and Cal State LA. The Huts are a readymade and unique property for anyone needing a grunge, dystopian, urban feel. We have no cove, but we do have round walls and a look like no other space in LA. We can also accommodate meetings, rehearsals, set construction, and other events and productions. We have onsite parking and industrial roll up doors with loading docks. ​ The Moon Huts are three WWII era Quonset huts plus studios. Our steel 1947 buildings originally housed military personnel, and have a led a colorful life since then—including as an iron works, a Harley Davidson biker club, a murder and crime cleanup service, and an “herbal” grow house. We are now all cleaned up and ready to serve your needs!​ The space is a total of 4000 square feet—each hut is 1000 square feet. Hut #1 is a cool living/office space. Hut #2 has an interior structure inside that can accommodate lights. Hut #3 is clean and smooth, like the inside of a whale.
From $95/hr
Beautiful Turn-Key White & Green Film Stage
Los Angeles, CA
· superhost
Our film studio is excellent for use as a photo studio, video studio, warehouse as well as a loft location if need be. Our stage is perfectly suitable for building standing sets and can accommodate up to 50 people at once. Both Green Screen & White cyclorama are fully pre-lit & ready-to-use. We are less than 10 minutes away from Burbank and North Hollywood. We don't charge any additional fees - The price you see is the price you pay. SPACE FEATURES 3,600 ft² industrial space Green, White Cyc Video lights Freight elevator Loading dock Parking lot + all day free street parking ----INCLUDED IN THE PRICE---- Green Cyc - 26' W x 20' D x 10' H White Cyc - 24' W x 20' D x 13' H Video Lights: (Rigged-Up & Pre-Lighting Cycloramas) - 5 Kino Flo Lighting Systems ParaBeam 410 - 5 Kino Flo Lighting Systems ParaBeam 210 - 5 Kino Flo Lighting Systems Image 47 Can you record clean dialogue? No Insurance required? No Deposit required? No Architecture Type? Industrial Square Footage? 3,600 Number of Rooms? 1 Number of Restrooms? 1 Fridge? Yes Chairs? 12 Wireless Sound System? Yes Trailers allowed? Yes Printer? Yes Microwave? Yes Tables? 8 A/C? Yes Heater? Yes Basement? No Coffee Maker? No Sink? Yes Pets allowed? Yes Child-talent allowed? Yes Generator allowed? NO Furniture/wall art movement allowed? Yes Movable Furniture? Yes Drones allowed? No Wifi speed? 50 megabytes per second Mobile/cellular network reception? Very Good Student Rate? Same Noise restrictions? Some Fireplace/fire pit usage? Nope Pool heated/usage? None Ground floor or elevator/stair access? Freight Elevator What is the noise in the surrounding area? Airplanes (Burbank Airport) How many outlets are available? Where are they? 20 Outlets (everywhere) Is there dedicated space open for hair & makeup? Yes What is the natural light like (exposure, # of windows)? None Are all areas of the space accessible for production purposes (including the exterior) Yes What are the power capabilities like in the space? 120 amps Will there be an on-site manager present during the booking? No, unless requested by production What are the parking and load-in / load out options on site? Loading dock, parking lot + all day free street parking on the street.
From $79/hr
Pre-Lit RGB Cyclorama/Warehouse Studio
Los Angeles, CA
· superhost
We are located in the best part of Eagle Rock. It’s private. Plenty of parking, and killer food all around. ***SPACE FEATURES*** * Pre-lit, App Controlled RGB Cyclorama * 1,850 ft² total space * 1,250 ft² main space * 300 ft² production office - Only available for larger shoots. * 300 ft² outdoor area * 16x19 2 wall Cyclorama on one side and textured cinderblock warehouse vibe on the other. * Multi-Colored Seamless Backdrops * DJ Level Sound System * In-House Production Services Available. * Easy Load-in/out * Friendly, helpful remote studio managers. * Natural light and blackout capable. * A/C/Heat ***A NOTE ABOUT SCHEDULING** We require 2hrs in between every booking to property clean and disinfect for everyone's safety. Peerspace's calendar does not reflect this, so you must account for it. If you see a partial day booking on the calendar, please add 2hrs to that on either end when figuring your request time. ***A NOTE ABOUT OUR COVID PRACTICES*** We are a 100% contactless studio. We have hands free hand sanitizers all around and the studio is cleaned/disinfected after EVERY booking. *** A NOTE ABOUT MINIMUM HOURS *** Our 3hr minimum is on a last minute, per availability basis. Hit us up 48-72hrs beforehand. If it's available, it's all yours. If you need a specific date in the future and wanting to secure the space in advance at the minimum 69/hr, 1-5ppl rate, we require a full 10hr booking. Amount of hours can adjust respectively depending on hourly rate. ***NEWLY INCLUDED*** -Pre-lit with Quasar RGB lights controlled via Luminaire App on an iPad. -Fresh Cyc floor for every shoot. -10 Sandbags, 12 stands (C-stand, rollers), 2 Apple Box Families ***HOURS*** Available 7-days a week | 24-hours. Off hours will incur an additional studio manager fee of $40/hr. ***RATES*** This is a special discounted listing specifically for non-commercial crews under 5 people. 1-5 people. $79 per availability and accepted on a last minute basis. 2-3 days out. 6-10 people. $99 11-15 people. $119 and includes open office/separate green room. 16-20 people. $139 and includes open office/separate green room. 20+ people are $ case by case. ***PLAN ACCORDINGLY*** Studio time is from first arrival to taillights. 1.5 OT kicks in regardless of hours, so please plan accordingly. For example if you book 3 hours, and it goes 4 hours, that 4th hour will be time and a half. ***ADDITIONAL RENTALS*** Basic grip equipment will be provided with each rental. We have a wide array of gear both on and off property for rent at very reasonable rates and will provide free delivery for any additional gear you may need. Additional COI may be required depending on rentals. ADDITIONAL COSTS - If your crew grows between the booking and shoot date, so will our rate. - ALL OT is 1.5. Please plan accordingly. - If you use glitter, confetti, powder, food, or any other unusual, hard to clean substance without proper planning with an art department, pre-notification, and approval in writing, you will be billed an additional $200 cleaning fee plus the extra studio time it takes to clean at OT rates. CLEANING The studio is properly cleaned and disinfected in-between every booking. However, clients are expected to return the studio to how they found it when they arrive. Any unusual, hard to clean messes will incur additional fees.
From $84/hr
Huge 1924 Industrial Warehouse Space Parking
Los Angeles, CA
· superhost
Huge open 1924 WAREHOUSE SPACE ideal for Photo shoots, Film shoots, Car Commercials, Music Videos, Set builds, Art shows, Fashion shows, creative projects. Ground floor drive-in loading dock. *** We are Certified Covid-19 Compliance Officers *** + Open 24/7 + Parking Lot / Outside Shoot Lot + Drive-in Loading Dock + Easy Parking + Super High Ceilings + Hair and Makeup Stations + Green Room Lounge Area + Free Wifi + No Pillars (Open Space) + Skylights / Blackout + Open 24 Hours + Equipment Rental + Pool table + Piano + much more
From $35/hr
Los Angeles, CA
· superhost
The Studio is located close to The 101frwy ext. and red line metro is walking distance things are happening all the time around here, The sound stage studio is available for music videos, photo shoots, casting calls, Events, Open space for meetings. Great for movies or TV shows as a staging area if your filming close by. With our low rates you just cant find in Hollywood. – White CYC Wall’s – 15′ wide x 17′ shooting Area – 8’x20′ Green Screen, but upon request the room can Be painted green also. – One Studio Tech is included with every booking. – Over head 11ft high speed rail lighting system. – 5 studio LED lighting kit is included with rental. – Free Wifi – Studio is street level Sound proof walls. you can not hear street noise. – Bathroom & shower – 2 parking spots but plenty of street parking. HOURS Mon-Sat 8 AM- Until Your Shoot is Done Book The Time Where Open.
From $80/hr
Photo / film studio in a DTLA Penthouse Loft
Los Angeles, CA
· superhost
COVID-19 UPDATE: WE ARE OPEN AND ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS! Operating hours are 7am to 9pm. !!! No Party / No loud Event !!! We keep the entire loft clean and disinfected after each booking. Please let us know if you are feeling sick we are happy to push your reservation to your convenience. Kindly note that your setup/wrap up time has to be within your booking period. We must leave some buffer time to disinfect the area entirely for the next booking. Please note either myself or a site rep will be present on location in the office area on the mezzanine and will not intrude from start to end. If you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to ask me and I will gladly help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or just to say hello! I’m happy to hop on the phone if you’d like to discuss your reservation. :) _________________________________ Before I list down what’s included in your booking, please know that myself and my wife have put a lot of work into this lovely space, which is also our home. Please treat it as if it were your own. That’s all I ask! Now on to the fun stuff… The studio is located in a beautiful penthouse loft in a 1920 building in Historic downtown LA. There are two elevators* to get up to the loft on the 14th floor. The space is 50ft x 40ft and there's 1800 SQ ft available for production. The ceiling is 15ft high (it's very high!!!) Its features include classic brick walls, large windows all around the loft providing lots of natural light and grey polished concrete flooring. Once closed, the thick blue velvet curtains block most of the day light. It's furnished and decorated with eclectic furniture, artworks, plants and a lot more. All the furniture pieces and plants you see in the photos are available, movable (carefully please), and usable. Please take photos to reference placement at the end of your booking. What’s included in your booking: - a dolly to easily carry your equipment from the parking lot to the loft! The STUDIO area - 12 ft wide seamless backdrop in white, black or chromakey green. (one load per booking) - photo/video lighting: an Apurture 120d, a Godox SL200wii and a SL60w with soft boxes and on c-stands. - Vanity Mirror with a stool for Hair/Make-Up Artists. - Bluetooth sound system - High Speed Internet - additional backdrop stands upon request - clothing rack and hangers - 1 apple box - sand bags - extenstion cables and outlets The KITCHEN / DINNING area - fully equiped and functional kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave, coffee marker. Perfect for your lunch break or as a set for a food show! - 2 beautiful wooden tables 3x4ft each - 1 round sunset gradient table - 1 Extra folding table upon request (3x6ft) - 10 black wooden chairs (more upon request) - kitchen island - 4 bar stools The LOUNGE area - 3 couches - 2 coffee tables - 2 arm chairs - 3 lamps - zigzag carpet - bathroom/changing room The bedroom and the mezzanine are off-limits unless previously agreed upon Additional on-site equiment rental service (Cameras, sound gear, additional lights, tripod, stands, dolly, etc) *Elevators dimensions W76xL57xH91 inches and the door is 82x42. It's easy to roll in and load your equipment from the parking lot to the loft. Perfect space for your next: Video Shoot, Dance Shoot, Documentary Shoot, Filming, Film Shoot, Film Studio, Production, Fitness Video, Green Screen, Filmed Interview
From $125/hr
Immersive Architectural Dreamscape near Arts Distr
Los Angeles, CA
· superhost
Immersive Architectural Dreamscape located near the Arts District downtown can be used for photography, film, commercial, and small events. This booking is an individual room inside a building that houses multiple studio rooms. Entire building can be booked or rooms can be booked individually (please see our "Tile Room Color Lighting Option near Arts District" listing. Outdoor alley space can be used for small outdoor events/activities/workshops. Has make up/hair/wardrobe room. _____ RGB LED Light Available for Rental: - 5 Lighting Kit ~ $125 for 5 lights - 1 light each ~ $28 _____ Number of Attendees: 1-8: Additional $0 per hour 9-15: Additional $50 per hour 15-20: Additional $100 per hour 21-30: Additional $150 per hour
From $50/hr
Indigo Studio
Los Angeles, CA
Flexible space that has good light. Available for photo shoots, small gatherings, pop-up dinners and boutiques, community meetings, and much more! The studio is furnished with a lounge area and table and chairs, and an outdoor patio with plenty of room for social distancing. We have lots of amenities included and for rent. Please let us know what you're in need of we can see how we can help!
From $120/hr
Sports bar and Restaurant Set
Los Angeles, CA
5000 sq ft warehouse with different standing sets, the sports bar restaurant set is about 1000 sq ft with bar area with stools and LED lights, pool table, arcade machine, booths and tables, high rise tables, standard tables and chairs. There's no stairs, stage has a roll up door which makes it easy for your production's vehicle loading. Free gated parking lot on site.
From $35/hr
DTLA Creative Photo Studio w Natural Light
Los Angeles, CA
Keylight Studio is located where the Fashion and Flower districts meet in Downtown, Los Angleles. With onsite parking, a private bathroom, a 2nd floor balcony, and controllable air conditioning - this quaint studio offers comfort and convenience at a very low rate. The windows face east and there is ambient light throughout the day, direct from ~ 10am-2pm. The rooftop is also available for some great city backdrops. FREE EQUIPMENT WITH RENTAL: Adjustable backdrop with 9 ft "super white" seamless paper* 2 C-stands + sandbag 2 light stands 1 Boom 1 7' parabolic umbrella 1 3x3' soft box 1 torso mannequin 2 Super clamps Clothing Rack The in-house photographer is available for $150/hr Production Uses TV Series | Shoot | Dance Shoot | Documentary Shoot | Filming | Film Shoot | Film Studio | Music Video | Ecommerce shoot | Commercial Photoshoot | Apparel Shoot | Shoot | Kickstarter Video | Web Series | Workout Video | Dance Video | Interview Studio | Stills | Creative Space *Please note that if you'd like to extend the backdrop onto the ground, there's a rental charge.

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What is the price range for Outdoor Space spaces in Los Angeles, CA?

The price differs based on the length of rental, but majorly 1-hour booking will be in the range of $35 to $500

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Once renters find a property they like, they can connect with the host to receive additional information, and if everything looks great, book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Giggster will handle payment processing and all other backend details to guarantee everything on the project goes smoothly. Detailed instruction

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You can read the booking conditions on this page.

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