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How to rent Filming locations in Bath, UK
Find the right location for your next Filming. Browse a wide variety of local Filming locations through out Bath, UK and book your venue in minutes on Giggster.

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Top Filming locations

Looking for a unique Filming location? Save money by booking directly with local hosts

Outdoor Equipment shop in a Victorian Railway Arch
  • £75/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Bath, UK
The location is an outdoor equipment and bike shop located in a Victorian era railway arch. The arch itself consists of a lined, light area, a toilet and small sink. This has a light industrial feel or style. The front of the arch consists of a large roller shutter with an outdoor area that is suitable for parking a number of vehicles or for closed events. The outside area is surrounded by 3 12 foot walls ensuring complete and is within a gated light industrial unit. The resident business uses the outside area for events including movie nights, inspirational talks etc
Quirky Georgian steampunk Townhouse in Bath
  • £50/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Bath, UK
We're a quirky memebrs club in Central Bath. Reviewers call us an Alice in wonderland experience hidden in plain sight
Large Open Fitness Studio with Views
  • £50/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Bath, UK
A large, light, airy, studio 12 x 8 sqm. Empty with a mirror and barre along one wall. Numerous windows, with views over the River Avon and beyond. Fitness kit and punch bag can be supplied upon request. Changing rooms are also available for use.
Muw Shed - Community Arts Space for Hire
  • £20/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Bath, UK
Muw Shed is a community arts and event space available for daytime hire in the heart of Green Park Station, Bath. We are particularly interested in bolstering a positive and relaxed environment where communities of all kinds can come together to share in events, talks, crafts, languages, readings, celebrations and more. We welcome organisations and events of all kinds, the wackier the better!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for Filming locations in Bath, UK?

The price differs based on the length of rental, but majorly 1-hour booking will be in the range of $20 to $200

Which Filming locations are most popular in Bath, UK in 2022?

How do I book a location on Giggster?

Once renters find a property they like, they can connect with the host to receive additional information, and if everything looks great, book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Giggster will handle payment processing and all other backend details to guarantee everything on the project goes smoothly. Detailed instruction

How do I cancel a reservation request?

You can read the booking conditions on this page.

Find Filming locations in Bath, UK

About Bath

The city of Bath is located in the southwest of England and is known as the largest city in the county of Somerset. Bath may seem like an unusual name for a city, however, Bath was named for its famous Roman-built baths. Holding the UK’s only set of hot springs, Bath is a very popular destination site attracting over 3 million tourists per year! One of the attractions noted at the hot springs is the first shrine built by an iron age tribe named “Oobunni”, dedicated to their goddess “Sulis”, who the Romans know as “Minerva”, the goddess of healing.

Bathonians are known for their art, museums, architecture and most importantly, their rugby culture! Bath has a professional rugby club named the Recreation Ground, founded in 1865. Bath’s team plays in the top division of England, and also competes in the European cup. If you’re in Bath and want to get immersed in the culture, catch a game of rugby for a smashing time.

Now, after learning about the city a little bit, let’s get started on our journey to finding Bath’s best filming locations, shall we?

Filming Options in Bath

There are always so many aspects to consider before starting a project. We’ve put together a list to make it a little easier to get all of your ducks in a row. Let’s get started by exploring some options that will make your filming experience top-notch.

  • Equipment
    One thing that will always be needed in a filming project is the equipment. What type of equipment do you have? What type of filming equipment do you need? These may be some of the questions you ask yourself while embarking on this journey. Finding the right store with the best selection of filming equipment will cut down the time spent on searching for everything you need.

  • Caterer
    Filming a scene or short film takes a lot of effort, but also a lot of time. Your crew and hired actors/actresses may need a bite to eat throughout the day(s) of filming. Instead of having everybody leave the studio and go off individually, one idea to cut down on time would be to have a caterer come to the studio and bring the food to you. This way it creates a “we’re in this together” atmosphere and also saves travelling time.
  • Makeup Artist
    Being on a filming set can be quite hectic! Between takes and scenes, things can get a little jostled around. Hiring a make-up artist on your set can guarantee your actors and actresses stay in character mode the whole day.

  • Actors / Actresses
    Whether you’re filming a short or a documentary, a key task is to hire actors and actresses. These are professionals that can take your script or idea from paper to real life. Sifting through many trained actors and actresses can guarantee you’re choosing the right fit for your script.

Filming Companies in Bath

  • London Camera Exchange
    The London Camera Exchange shop was established in the 1950s and has expanded to 26 shops around the whole of England. Just in 2021, the family-owned business decided to sell and move to employee ownership. Now, you can find an owner in each location at all times. London Camera Exchange has a whole section of filming cameras and filming accessories. They also sell second-hand if you are on a tight budget or just want to save some extra cash!

  • Defumado Street Food and Catering
    Defumado is a street food catering company that caters to many different occasions. Only using ethically-farmed, locally-sourced meat and seasonal ingredients, these guys have thought of not only their customers but also the environment! Defumado offers burgers, sausages, pulled pork, texas-style brisket, and sweetcorn as some of their dishes. They also offer vegan alternatives!

  • Leanna Biggs, Makeup + Hair
    Award-winning stylist, Leanna Biggs has been on the go for 20+ years. Leanna trained at the Bath Academy of media makeup. Her services include editorial, commercial, and corporate. She could be the perfect fit for your time in the filming studio.

Pros and Cons of Filming Locations in Bath


  • Historical
    Bath has ancient Roman history seeping from every corner. It was named a World Heritage Site in 1987, which signifies the importance of the history of Bath and its deservingness of physical protection.

  • Inspirational
    Many people visit Bath and just gaze at the beautiful skyline of the Roman buildings and, most importantly, the baths. Not only is the city beautiful in itself, but Bath has a major nature aspect to it, as it is absolutely surrounded by trees, greenery, and of course the famous Avon River running through. There’s nothing like grabbing inspiration from the very city you are working in while curating your perfect film.

  • Food
    From Michelin Star restaurants to multi-cultural street food on every corner, Bath is a self-proclaimed foodie haven. If you are someone who likes to visit a new city and try all the food hot spots, Bath is certainly the place for you.

  • Fast Internet
    After you have achieved your time in the filming studio and are moving on to editing, one great benefit Bath has is a fast internet connection. In relation to other cities in England that may not have a great connection, Bath has upgraded to 5G internet, ensuring you can stream smoothly.


  • Tourist City
    With just over 107,000 permanent residents, the bulk of the people here are either students or tourists. Over 3 million people visit bath every year, which adds to the rise in the cost of living.

Famous Locations in Bath

  • Roman Baths
    With an age of over 2000 years old, the Roman baths were made in 65AD and were dedicated to the Roman healing goddess, Minerva, as the hot springs were said to have healing powers. The Roman Bath is the largest of 3 hot springs within Bath city. A simplified overview of the hot springs at work starts with water being collected from rainfall on top of Mendip Hills, trickling down limestone at a depth of 4300 metres while geothermal energy heats the water. The water in the hot springs scientifically has traces of 43 different minerals. This main hot spring is the most visited tourist site in all of Bath.

  • The Bath Festival
    The Bath Festival is a charity-focused, multi-arts festival held for the people of Bath every year. The festival is based on Bath’s heritage and is a whopping 17 days long. The festival includes musicians, speakers, and writers. It also welcomes children as there is a children’s literature festival too.

  • Bath Abbey
    The Bath Abbey is a parish church founded in the 7th century, 1499. From Anglo-Saxon times, the non-traditional Gothic architecture was built in a cruciform floor plan. The yellow colour given to the Bath Abbey is because it was built of Bath stone. Another great inspirational building to take ideas from during your time finding a filming studio in Bath!