Wedding Videographers in Seattle, WA

Wedding videographers in Seattle, WA are highly sought after for their ability to capture poignant and beautiful memories of a couple’s special day. The city itself is filled with many unique venues and gorgeous views that make it the perfect location for wedding footage. Seattle-based wedding videographers use their creativity to produce stunningly cinematic videos that truly capture the emotion of the occasion. They understand the importance of capturing special moments such as first dances, walking down the aisle, and cake-cutting rituals while also adding an artistic flair to each video.

Jenn Tai & Co

Jenn Tai & Co provides award-winning photography and videography services for weddings in the Seattle area. Their team ensures that the moments of your special day are captured and preserved for all to enjoy in the present and future. From big events to small details, Jenn Tai & Co emphasizes emotion, connection, and energy in their photos and videos.

Their personalized storytelling emphasizes fun and stress-free experiences, so you can worry less and enjoy your wedding day more.

Weiss Photo & Film

Weiss Photo & Film are experts in analog photo + video for intimate wedding celebrations. John & Lenaig have been together since 2009 and in business since 2018. John's music background and eye for artistry ensure stunning Super 8mm films that capture all of the special moments of the day.

At Weiss Photo & Film, they specialize in tasteful and creative videography so you can cherish your wedding for years to come.

Loc Le Films

Loc Le Films will capture your precious wedding memories forever. Their Seattle-based wedding videography team will be there to professionally preserve the beautiful moments of your special day uniquely and creatively. They will create captivating stories that reflect your relationships with your partner, family, and friends, allowing you to relive your most life-changing moments anytime you choose.

Their team specializes in crafting high-quality cinematic experiences that you’ll just have to watch to believe!

Kassidy Sherburne Photography

Kassidy Sherburne Photography is the premier elopement videographer and photographer in the Pacific Northwest. Capturing raw, emotional films and timeless, intentional images for adventurous couples, Kassidy aims to bring the beauty of nature to weddings all across the Western US.

Appreciating the impact creativity and art have on each video and photo, Kassidy is determined to ensure each couple will feel fully known and that each sunset will act as a reminder of the goodness in life. With Kassidy at the helm, an elopement experience like no other awaits.

True Northwest Weddings

True Northwest Weddings captures the special moments of your wedding in stunning cinematic films and vibrant photographs. Whether it's the big moments or the little details of your special day, their team creates captivating footage and photography that tell the lasting story of your love. Their films are honest, entertaining, and cinematic, while our photography is natural, realistic, and vibrant.

They specialize in capturing weddings beautifully and authentically using only natural light and upbeat vibes.

White Elm Films

White Elm Films will provide you with a premiere wedding video that you and your family will treasure for years - all at a surprisingly affordable price. Their experienced wedding videographers will capture your special day with stunning footage that tells the story of your family's love. They want to help you create a timeless keepsake for generations.

White Elm Films ensures you get the perfect wedding film with high quality and exceptional affordability.

Aeonian Visuals

Aeonian Visuals is the perfect way to capture the moments of your special day and keep them forever. They specialize in creating unique wedding films that you and your loved ones can look back on for years to come. Their films are lovingly crafted with real emotion, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Experience the joy, laughter, and tears all over again with an Aeonian Visuals heirloom that your family and friends will treasure for generations.

Killer Creations Photography & Wedding

At Killer Creations Photography & Wedding, they strive to give you an unforgettable wedding experience. They specialize in story-telling cinematography, capturing the unique connection between you, your family, your friends, and your fiance. With over 400 weddings in their portfolio, they have perfected their craft and they’ll make sure to create an authentic wedding film for you.

They’ll also collaborate with you to ensure timelines are hit and all of your special moments are documented.


Couples in Seattle and Portland, Washington, should look no further than ColaCreative for their special day. With a mission of preserving the magic of the event, Isaac makes sure to film in a discreet and professional style. He offers artistry with documentary, dramatic, lifestyle, and modern videography with travel costs included. Couples are able to customize their video according to their individual preferences and aesthetics.

ColaCreative is the perfect choice to capture the spirit of the relationship in a wedding video to be cherished for years.

Kyle Olthoff Wedding Videos

Kyle Olthoff Wedding Videos offer couples a unique cinematic experience to remember their special day. Working with a team of professional videographers, Kyle creates beautiful highlight films that capture the raw emotion of the day with a style that is 80% candid and 20% posed. With years of wedding film experience, Kyle brings a personal touch to each film, ensuring a beautiful and natural result that can be watched and revisited whenever the couple wants.

Pour a glass of wine, relive the day, and be your own wedding videographers with Kyle Olthoff Wedding Videos!