Wedding Videographers in Los Angeles, CA

Wedding Videographers in Los Angeles are highly sought after for the high-quality keepsakes they create. This city is brimming with talented videographers who specialize in capturing the memories of couples’ special days. With the majestic backdrop of Hollywood and beautiful beaches, many couples choose to get married in Los Angeles, or at least have a destination wedding nearby. From classic romantic films to modern-day blockbusters, LA has been immortalized on screen and now couples can capture their own special love story with a wedding video.

The I Do Wedding Photography & Videography

The I Do Wedding Photography and Videography is an independent, brother-sister-founded business that has been capturing precious memories for 8 years. Couples can trust this experienced team of fun, passionate, and slightly quirky photographers and videographers to expertly capture their special day.

With The I Do, couples can expect to not only relive their wedding day memories but also journey through other significant milestones in their lives with maternity and family sessions. They'll love seeing each moment beautifully documented. Needless to say, every couple deserves "I Do"!

Wild Light Films | Fun and Trendy Wedding Videography

Wild Light Films offers wedding videography with a modern twist – capturing the beauty of your most special day with a cinematic music video-style experience. Their talented team of videographers is dedicated to capturing the raw, candid moments and once-in-a-lifetime memories of your special day.

They'll go the extra mile, whether it's down the road or across the country. Allow them to create a unique and visually stunning film that preserves your wedding memories for a lifetime!

BW Weddings Photo & Video

Make your wedding an unforgettable day to remember with BW Weddings. Their professional team of videographers and photographers specializes in capturing the most precious moments of your special day.

Their commitment to high-quality services ensures that your wedding vision is seamlessly achieved, no matter whether it's through their videography, photography, or live-streaming services. Their experienced team of visionaries spans 20 cities nationwide to give you the wedding memories you truly deserve.

Shutter and Sound Films

With nearly a decade of experience in the wedding videography field, Ryan Geldermann has helped craft thousands of wedding videos from all around the U.S. Now, Shutter and Sound Films carries on his legacy—a small, tight-knit team of experienced videographers dedicated to making your special day an absolute work of art.

Whether you're in Los Angeles or Washington D.C., Shutter and Sound Films will be there to capture every precious moment.

Kameraman Studios

Kameraman Studios is an award-winning wedding videography service founded by Harrison Kim. A third-culture kid, Harrison turned his big passion for design, music, and, of course, video into an inspiring mission to capture wedding memories that will last a lifetime.

With attention to craftsmanship and artistry, Harrison and his team of professionals provide blissful couples with a piece of art that encourages them to reflect on the beauty of their marriage. They are truly dedicated to creating stunning videos of lasting emotional value.

Miranda Florer Photo + Film

Miranda Florer Photo + Film offers a unique experience for wedding videographers. For over five years, Miranda has been a passionate documentarist of love and life, capturing those special moments between partners and families that celebrate a forever kind of love.

She will help you stay focused on all the wonderful moments of your wedding day, knowing that your memories and loved ones are captured with care. Join Miranda for a wedding experience that will encapsulate your magical day with unforgettable laughter, cozy snuggles, slow mornings, and beautiful films.

Bernie Johansen Videography

Bernie Johansen Videography is the premier wedding and event videography provider in the greater Southern California area. He captures your special moment in time with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Bernie's videos will capture the raw emotion and spirit of your special day, ensuring that you can enjoy these memories for a lifetime. With his unique style, Bernie is the perfect choice for those looking to document the happiest day of their lives.

ColorBlast Weddings

ColorBlast Weddings are top visual storytellers who capture the unique story of your wedding day. Combining photojournalism, which captures candid moments, and fine art portraiture, which provides a natural yet flattering look, their style is sure to make your special day one you'll never forget.

With ColorBlast Weddings, you can trust that your wedding day will be well-documented with the perfect blend of natural candidness and artistry.

Velarde Films

Velarde Films captures the beauty of wedded bliss with unparalleled attention to detail and emotion. By incorporating multiple cameras and angles, they capture the beauty and emotion of your special day, crafting a beautiful story of your love and creating a lasting memory of your most special moments.

Their experienced team of videographers uses cutting-edge technology and creative techniques to produce one-of-a-kind wedding videos that are both striking and meaningful. Whether you're looking for a memento of your union or a gift for a loved one, Velarde Films will leave you with a timeless reminder of your special day.

April Story Films

Discover April Story Films and celebrate the meaningful moment of your love. Capture the authentic emotion of your relationship with the help of ASF's passionate and capable staff.

Their team has been pursuing real moments of love since 2014 and now has eight years of experience. They strive to make the most of every frame and never cease to amaze their clients with mesmerizing love stories portrayed through the lens.