Top 10 Family Photographers in New York, NY

Known as the 'melting pot' of culture, New York City is a vibrant tapestry of art and creativity. From contemporary masterpieces gracing the walls of MoMA to the avant-garde installations at the Guggenheim, this city is a living art exhibition, where every corner is a potential masterpiece waiting to be captured.

Among the myriad art forms, family photography has emerged as a distinguished genre, capturing intimate moments against the city's iconic backdrop. From chic SoHo studios to the edgy streets of Brooklyn, the Big Apple offers endless inspiration.

Ready to explore the stunning world of family photography in this dynamic city? Stay tuned as we unveil the top family photographers in New York who are setting new paradigms in this fascinating art form.

Chaki Vogel Photography

With extensive experience in both portrait and event photography, Chaki Vogel has built a strong reputation for capturing the beauty and emotion of life’s moments. Specializing in outdoor and natural light family portraits, Chaki strives to make each photo session an individualized experience - unscripted, raw, and candid.

By emphasizing authentic connections between family members and challenging them to express themselves honestly within the frame, Chaki Vogel is able to create genuine memories that reflect the unique personalities of each family.

Paula Ortiz

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Paula Ortiz has earned a reputation for creating visually stunning narratives that capture the essence of each family's unique story. Her skillset extends beyond just taking pictures; she creates timeless memories that reflect the individuality and the bond of families.

Paula's dedication to her craft is evident in her impressive portfolio, which features high-profile individuals, celebrities, and professional athletes. She uses NYC’s iconic landscapes as a backdrop, infusing her photos with the city's energy.

Francesca Russell Photography

Specializing in capturing the essence of adventurous, outdoor-loving families, Francesca Russell Photography is dedicated to preserving the unique stories of each family. Drawing from a background as a former Broadway stage manager, Russell brings a distinctive perspective to her craft.

As a member of esteemed organizations like Click Pro, Professional Photographers of America, and The Photo Managers, Russell's expertise in intimate, personal family photography is unrivaled. Her work has been showcased in various online publications and exhibited at the International Center for Photography, establishing her reputation in the industry.

Nafisa Skeie Photography

After realizing there were few childhood photos with her late mother, Nafisa Skeie was inspired to start her own photography business to capture authentic family moments. Her unique approach to family photography combines her skills as a trained childhood educator with a keen eye for capturing the raw emotions of daily life.

Nafisa's work has been internationally recognized, featuring in various magazines, and includes collaborations with brands like Lands End and Aeropostale. Her passion for capturing memories distinguishes her in the industry, providing a personal and emotive style of photography.

Mikey Neff Photography

With a passion for photography ignited at the tender age of three, Mikey Neff has honed her skills over the years, resulting in her work being featured in esteemed publications like Vogue, Nylon, and BuzzFeed. Originating from Central Florida, Mikey now operates from Astoria, New York, channeling her warm and relaxed presence into creating engaging visuals.

Mikey's unique, documentary-style approach to family photography encourages subjects to appear "as is," capturing candid moments that embody the essence of familial love and connection.


Maison Mancel, established by Farah Mancel, is a New York-based family photography business renowned for its heartfelt and evocative captures. Born out of Farah's love story that began with a photo shoot in Central Park, the brand has grown into a symbol of cherished memories.

As a mother of two, Farah understands the significance of preserving precious family moments, leading her to specialize in creating images that endure through time. Her unique approach to family photography lies in her ability to encapsulate the little moments – the snuggles, laughter, and quiet reflections, creating timeless pieces that stand as a testament to life's simple joys.

Bo Shim Photography

Bo Shim is a seasoned photographer with over a decade of experience, skillfully blending documentary and editorial styles in her work. Based in New York City, Bo draws inspiration from her travels and museum visits, bringing a sense of intentionality to her client sessions. Her unique use of light and shadow compositions reflects her technical proficiency.

Recognized by industry leaders like 'Over the Moon' and 'The Knot,' Shim's emotionally intuitive approach allows her to capture moments of calm, joy, and warmth with her clients, resulting in a refined and elegant visual narrative of their stories.

Tammy Tarabola Photography

Inspired by the beauty of everyday life, Tammy Tarabola's mission is to create artistic images that move people, giving her clients a unique photography experience by visually narrating their stories. As a native of the Virginia coast, her love for the outdoors and natural beauty seeps into her work.

Besides being a dedicated professional, she is also a proud wife and a mother to three children. Her expertise spans couples, boudoir, and family photography, capturing moments with purpose and passion.

Marisa S Cohen Photography

With a career nurtured outside the confines of a studio, Marisa Cohen has leveraged the beauty of natural light to capture the raw spirit of her subjects. Her portfolio, which includes weddings, engagements, and family photos, is a testament to her unique approach that avoids staged poses and cliches. Instead, she focuses on capturing natural emotions and a genuine sense of the moment.

An alumnus of photography school, Marisa’s interpretation of scenes, drawn from her rich experience, is what makes her work distinct and compelling.

Adrianna Reed Photo

Adrianna Reed is a distinguished photographer specializing in capturing the essence of family and couple relationships. Her photography style, characterized by soft nude tones, exudes a timeless aesthetic that encapsulates the love and joy within families.

Reed's dedication to ensuring the comfort of her subjects throughout the session allows her to capture authentic moments that beautifully narrate each family's unique story. Her passion for preserving precious life moments makes her work an investment into family legacies.