Top 8 Landscape Photographers in Sacramento, CA

Between the scenic shores of the Pacific to the west and the immense beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the east lies Sacramento, the capital city of California. Also known as "The City of Trees," it is famous as a metropolis combining urban vibes with natural ones. Rich with culture and history, it is home to numerous museums, the California State Railroad Museum and the Crocker Museum of Art. City cuisine includes fresh food from the surrounding farms.

Wonderful landscapes can be found both in and around the city, and so it comes as no surprise that landscape photographers come in great numbers.

Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Sacramento? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for the walls of your home.

Jennifer Wu

With almost three decades of experience in photography, Jennifer Wu is a landscape photographer who specializes in shooting the stars in the night sky. Through her landscapes, she strives to evoke moods of tranquility and peace or mystery and longing in her audience. She often photographs on the border between the night and day.

Jennifer’s work has been published in magazines such as Outdoor Photography and Shutterbug and displayed in galleries all over the world. Check out her website, she also has experience teaching photography.

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Garry Everett Landscape Photography

Finding inspiration in all the places he visits while traveling for work and pleasure, Garry Everett is a self-taught photographer who specializes in landscape and wildlife photography. For him, photography is a way to slow down and appreciate the world that surrounds us. With a well-framed landscape, anyone can escape the hectic rhythm of everyday life.

Garry keeps the editing of his images to a minimum. As a photographer, his favorite time of day is sunrise, which inspires him again and again.

Melanie Rainey Photography

Melanie has been behind the lens for more than fifteen years, shooting landscape photographs of both natural and urban places. Her love for photography started when she lived on the west shore of Lake Tahoe and was immersed in its natural beauties.

In her past, she learned how to develop photographs in the darkroom. And Melanie's recent photos often feature vibrant colors alongside black and white landscapes. Her work is available for purchase in the form of prints and note cards.

Molly Wassenaar Photography

With a rich portfolio that contains landscapes, portraits, family, and maternity photographs, Molly has been in the business for twenty years, since the days of old film cameras and darkroom development.

Molly's landscape photos feature wonderful California beaches at sunset, mountains covered with snow, and dramatic waterfalls flowing down steep cliffs. In addition to digital images, her work comes in the form of fine art canvas prints and fine art mounted prints. Why not add a breath of nature to your home?

Optimal Focus Photography

Behind the name of Optimal Focus Photography is Beth Young, an experienced landscape photographer who captures all the elements of nature – from water, flowers, and trees, to nocturnal deserts. Her photos often focus on the landscapes of Western US, but you can also find landscapes from around the world.

Besides documenting nature at its best, Beth uses her photos for therapeutic effects in healthcare environments. Beautiful imagery in homes and hospitals can guard against stress, rebuilding and renewing the viewer's psyche.

Nadeen Flynn Photography

Nadeen is a multi-genre photographer whose main focus are landscapes, fine art, and still life. Living in the rural area of Northern Sacramento, she captures amazing California landscapes in all their beauty, including soaring mountains and cliffs, mighty waterfalls, and scenic ocean shores.

Her work has been published in Click Magazine and Outdoor Photography blog and she also teaches fine art photography. Nadeen's photos are available as prints in many different formats, depending on your needs.

Sean Christopher Flansbaum

Covering Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area, Sean is a landscape photographer who shoots a variety of subjects and terrains. His passion is capturing the uniqueness of the West Coast landscapes and he has shot at many of its most inspiring locations such as Yosemite Valley and Lake Tahoe.

His photos feature both urban landscapes and natural scenery, and often create a sense of mystery. The Golden Gate Bridge showing its face in the fog and the moon shining through the clouds represent some of our favorite images of his.  

Bourne Photography

Barbara Bourne has more than three decades of photography experience under her belt and she specializes in landscapes, architecture and interiors, food, and lifestyle photography. Her style is clean and bold, and she prides herself on giving her maximum on every job.

Barbara’s images also come in the form of canvas, metal, and fine art papers in a variety of sizes. She shoots across the country and abroad, and is a member of different photography associations and groups.

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