Top 7 Engagement Photographers in Asheville, NC

Engagement photos have become a popular way for couples to announce their upcoming nuptials creatively. In addition, they serve as a great "mid-marathon" break before the big day, giving couples a chance to unwind amidst all the wedding planning, and take a moment to just be with one another.

Typically, couples will have their engagement photos taken by their wedding photographer. This is an excellent way for the couple and the photographer to get to know each other and get comfortable with each other's styles and personalities, which helps ensure incredible, unique-to-you photos on the wedding day itself. However, finding your perfect photographer match can be daunting, so let us help you by rounding up the best engagement photographers in Asheville, NC.

Kathy Beaver Photography

Kathy is the warm, motherly sunshine-behind-the-lens of Kathy Beaver Photography. Photography has always been a passion for Kathy, starting back in high school until it eventually blossomed into a career. Kathy is a published and award-winning photographer, making her one of the premier engagement and wedding photographers in North Carolina.

Engagement portrait sessions are Kathy's way of easing her client-couples in front of the camera, getting to know their personalities better so that photography on your wedding day comes naturally and fluidly. Most importantly, Kathy loves to remind couples that the engagement session is a way to celebrate this very special whirlwind season of their lives, one that deserves to be cherished forever with beautiful photographs.

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Michael Freas Photography

Michael approaches his photography the same way he lives daily: with boundless energy and an ever-positive attitude. Michael grew up in the outdoors and constantly takes inspiration from the beauty of nature whenever he photographs his client-couples.

Michael centers empathy and genuineness in every engagement portrait session he takes on. He wants you to treat him like any old friend—just with a camera—to help you guys get the most authentic and true-to-you photos. For Michael, real engagement photos are posed and poised; it's a reflection of who you are, just one still in your ever-changing and exciting life together as a couple.

Blue Bend Photography

Nick and Maddie are the husband-and-wife team behind Blue Bend Photography. Both Maddie and Nick have had a love for photography since their teen years, and between the two of them, they have over 15 years of experience, and nearly 1,500 weddings photographed combined—and about just as many engagement shoots.

The engagement session with Nick and Maddie is never structured. They would rather that their clients take the day as a break from all the wedding planning, a day to just be together, while Nick and Maddie snap away at the precious moments of the day. With a fresh, photojournalistic, and soft photography style, your photos will be utterly timeless and a delight to go back to every year.

Juliana Renee Photography

Juliana is the transplanted upstate New York native who now spends her time traveling and capturing love stories from every corner of the country, and the globe. Juliana takes this spunky, larger-than-life attitude into her photography, and loves partnering up with couples just as adventurous as herself.

Juliana's photography style is refreshingly candid, and there's never any pressure to be anything but yourselves. Engagement sessions with Juliana are an incredible way to reconnect with your significant other, have fun in front of the camera, and come away with stunning photos to share with your friends and family.

Jameykay and Arlie Photography

Jameykay and Arlie are the quirky, dynamic, and ever-seeking couple behind Jameykay and Arlie Photography. Both have a background in art, which informs their professional photography style in unique and out-of-the-box ways. Jameykay and Arlie are a well-oiled machine when it comes to shooting as a tandem, which means that you never have to worry about a missed shot or moment.

Engagement sessions with Jameykay and Arlie are a fun way to take a step back and remember why you and your beloved fell in love with each other in the first place. Your photographers will simply be there for the ride, prompting you to tell stories, dance, reenact scenes, allowing those genuine laughs and smiles to pour out of you and into their lenses for the perfect engagement shot.

Daniela Guerrero Photography

Daniela was raised and nurtured in an artistic home: her parents were both distinguished artists in their home country of Venezuela, and Daniela herself was encouraged to explore the arts as early as age three. However, it was photography that resonated most with her. For Daniela, no purer beauty could be captured than that which we could see and experience, and photography did exactly that.

Daniela loves to connect with her clients authentically well before the actual wedding date, and the engagement session is her way of doing that. In addition, she loves forming friendships with her couples throughout the shoot, so that when you reunite on your wedding day, it will be like reuniting with a friend and not a vendor. Her photography style is a mix of candid and gently posed shots, with sharp colors that help bring out every emotion of the photo.

Amy Haynes Photography

Amy has been a professional photographer for more than eight years and specializes in wedding, engagement, and portrait photography. Amy loves that through her photography studio, she can connect with people and clients of all sorts of characters, especially couples with a special love story.

Ashley's photography is soulful, and she's not afraid to play with light and different post-processing techniques to create photos that are more than an image, but real works of art. Yet, despite the creative direction behind each shot, she never loses sight of what is most important: telling your story the way it deserves to be told, so that even many decades down the line, every word of it will still ring true.

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