​​“Empowering” and “transformative” are two words that are often used to describe boudoir photography, which is all about capturing intimate portraits that celebrate the beauty within. In a world where the beauty standards put on women feel unachievable, boudoir is an opportunity to boost your self-confidence and reaffirm that you are enough, just the way you are.

In Boston, you’ll find some of the most talented photographers in the New England region, who are on a mission to make their subjects feel their best. In this list, we’ll introduce 10 of our favorites, who welcome women of all shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds.

Melissa Luella

A body positive boudoir shoot with Melissa Luella [Melissa Luella]

Melissa Luella Rush is passionate about reminding women of their beauty and fearlessness and wants to be a mirror to their greatness and potential. She works with women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to create intimate portraits that celebrate them for the way they are.

Born and raised in the Philippines, she now calls Massachusetts home where she is based out of a gorgeous studio in Somerville. It forms part of the Joy Street Artist Studios, a collection of artists, makers, designers, and small businesses.

Modern Muse

A beautiful black and white boudoir portrait by Allana [Modern Muse]

Allana is the photographer behind Modern Muse and describes her boudoir sessions as an opportunity to be fully present and authentic in who you are. Before she discovered boudoir, she was struggling to meet some idealized notion of womanhood, something she found impossible and exhausting. Over time, Allana has realized that realness is “everything” to her, and finding gratitude for your body can be transformative - something she wholeheartedly promotes throughout her shoots.

Patton Boudoir & Portraits

Light and shade [Patton Boudoir & Portraits]

Erik Patton is the man behind the camera at Patton Boudoir & Portraits, which specializes in not only boudoir photography but also glamour-style portraits. His sessions are about making women feel sexy and confident, helped along by a bit of pampering by a professional hair and makeup artist before the shoot. He’s based out of a well-designed boudoir studio in Boston and strives to make his clients feel comfortable and courageous during their shoot.

Sea You Smile - Boston

A country-themed boudoir shoot by Ashley [Sea You Smile - Boston]

With around eight years of experience under her belt, Ashley is the lead photographer at Sea You Smile. She says that photography gave her an escape and a purpose following the passing of her dad and is now on a mission to make other women feel comfortable and valued, without judgment.

While based in Boston, she regularly travels to New Hampshire and Connecticut for work and shoots maternity portraits in addition to boudoir. Ashley works alongside Liz, a professional makeup artist and they have been featured in several magazine publications together.

Celso Enrique Studio

One of Celso Enrique’s studio portraits [Celso Enrique]

Celso Enrique is a Boston boudoir photographer who also specializes in fashion and commercial photography. He previously worked as a senior hairstylist and makeup artist at Salon Eva Michelle, so he has insider knowledge when it comes to glamour and beauty. He’s talented at capturing people in a way that accentuates their natural beauty and collaborates with her subjects to select locations and themes that suit them as individuals.

VS Photography

A bedroom boudoir session by Valerie [VS Photography]

Valerie is the owner and operator of VS Photography and specializes in boudoir, wedding, and lifestyle photography. She believes that an intimate boudoir portrait shoot is the perfect way to celebrate who you are while being a unique and empowering experience that all women should try at least once in their lives. At her Boston studio, Valerie works alongside a talented hair and makeup team who ensure each of their clients feels comfortable and relaxed.

Boudoir Boston

One of Adriano’s tasteful boudoir shoots [Boudoir Boston]

Originally from Italy, Adriano now calls Medford “home” and works as a professional photographer throughout the Boston area. Aside from what he describes as “tasteful and sexy” boudoir photography, he also specializes in weddings and portraiture.

Adriano has worked in the industry for more than 20 years and is passionate about capturing the emotion and excitement of life through his lens. Clients particularly love his fast turnaround times, with the images edited and emailed to them just a few hours after their boudoir session ends.

Beautifully You Boudoir

A couple boudoir session at Beautifully You Boudoir [Beautifully You Boudoir]

Beautifully You Boudoir is led by Christen, who has been a photographer for 12 years and specialized in boudoir for the last 9 years. While she still shoots the occasional wedding, boudoir is her true passion and she loves helping women to see the beauty within themselves. Through her lens, she wants to help tell their story and says there is “no better feeling than watching you transform right in front of my camera”. In the process, she has gained self-confidence as well.

Lightfox Studios

A reflective boudoir portrait by Jacob Bouvier [Lightfox Studios]

Lightfox Studios is all about “body-positive photography to empower LGBTQIA+”. Jacob Bouvier is the lead photographer and says that while he offers boudoir photography, it’s also “not exactly”. He feels that the term “boudoir” is often focused on creating images that are sexy according to traditional societal standards and feels that his work is more centered around capturing inclusive, intimate portraits. He strives to create images that can exist “in a place of pure vulnerability and extreme trust” and celebrate the diversity of the community he works with.

The Pouting Room

One of Stefanie Lynn’s beautiful boudoir portraits [The Pouting Room]

Stefanie Lynn is the lead photographer at The Pouting Room, a Boston-based boudoir studio that is about celebrating the beauty of every woman. She believes that women are often hard on themselves in meeting society’s unachievable standards of beauty and wants to create a safe and empowering space where everyone is welcome.

Stephanie is a strong believer in continuing education and frequently takes training workshops to up her skills. This has included completing the 7 Pillars Course at The Boudoir University.

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